Extended Live Aboard Mother Ship Safaris, Moyle River/Little Moyle/Anson Bay/Mini Mini & Kimberly.

A unique experience for our clients, Extended Mother ship Safaris are designed best for keen anglers who target our big barramundi in order to join the METER CLUB. The best time is Sept/Oct/Nov Before the monsoonal wet “ Buildup” Season. Book early and get your best tides during buildup season.

These tours offers a memorable experience you won’t forget. These remote locations are world famous for its spectacular wilderness, and the barramundi experience is a memorable one. Our tour also offers some explosive blue water fishing, black Jewfish and Snapper fishing on my favorite Jew fish & Snapper holes. Mackerel, Cobia and sailfish. check our link below or the website for more information regarding grand events, like Million Dollar Fish, or simply call Micky.