Published: 16th April 2016

Daly River, Run-Off April 2016 ,  Boys from Sutherland Shire Fishing Club, Sydney NSW

So Far the best Guiding experience of my career, 27 Meter Long Barras in 06 day safari.

I have been busy putting smiles on faces, Here is a little preview of some of the shots taken by Glen and Clinton over a hot session of Jumping Wild Barramundi, All the boys caught and released multiple meter long Barras every day. Outstanding “B52″ from Reidy’s Lures did a fantastic job and we brained these cunning fish every day.

Unfortunately,  Andrew missed out yet again, his name is 99 from now on…. Andrew has been fishing with me for at least 06 or more years every year he lands a fish that just does not make 100cm, he has caught 99.999 cm barras but he is very happy to be called 99, like the old show on TV ” Get smart”

 Our Iconic Run Off season

Boys from Sutherland Shire Fishing club asked me if they could fish the Iconic Daly river in our NT, This iconic river is one of my favorites, soon plans were made and tickets booked and leave passes were granted from the big boss at home.

I picked up the boys and we took off to Daly river straight from the airport, tides were perfect and river looked clean with full of bait. On the first night nobody got any sleep because we could hear the Barra Boofing on the evening tide LOUD.

Early next morning a quick breakfast and we were on our way to our fishing location at sunrise.  Upon arrival no time was wasted and lures were in the water in no time.

Every day at the turn of the tide Barra went wild and crazy, we managed to land 10 or more Barras over a meter 06 days in a row. Fishing was so good we did not count the fish under a meter long. Wow The Campion angler award goes to Garry Kearnz for biggest and most Barra, and yes same bloke wore the skirt the next days fishing because he could not hold his cookies, got sick in the shower and blocked the shower on the ship after excessive drinking. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jumping Barramundi Shots

Well done everyone, lets catchup soon cant wait till next years run-off.
Cheers Micky

Barra Fishing in Darwin with Spring Tide SafarisBarra Fishing in Darwin with Spring Tide Safaris