This page aims to give you a little more information about the more common species to be caught, as well as how well they fare in the flavour stakes.

Barramundi-fishing-toursThe Barramundi

The best Australian sports fishing has to offer, this tenacious monster is known to hurl itself into the air to free itself from a lure. It can be found in both salty and fresh water, and responds well to trolling and casting.
Taste Rating: Good


Black-Jewfish-fishing-toursThe Black Jewfish

Make sure you’re ready for this one, it will practically try to pull you off the boat! Found around coastal and offshore reefs, they’re best caught using fresh bait.
Taste Rating: Good


Spanish-Mackerel-fishing-toursThe Spanish Mackerel

With a quick temper, and the tendency to run fast, this little fighter is best caught by trolling or casting into feeding schools. With nasty teeth, this is one to watch out for.
Taste Rating: Good


Mangrove-Jack-fishing-toursMangrove Jack

If you’re looking for an easy fish, look elsewhere. Jack lives in estuaries and around reefs, and loves a good, long fight. Casting lures or fresh baits will get his attention.
Taste Rating: Excellent


Queenfish-fishing-toursThe Queenfish

This fish lives up to its name, it’s quick witted and likes a fight. It’s best caught by trolling or casting near feeding schools. You’ll need a firm grip, though, this fish is stronger than it looks.
Taste Rating: Average


SalmonThread-fishing-toursThread Fin Salmon

This tasty creature is crafty. It is found in the salt water estuaries and rivers of the Northern Territories. Sight casting seems to be the easiest way to catch them, but the trick is in keeping them.
Taste Rating: Excellent


Golden-Snapper-fishing-toursThe Golden Snapper

Best snagged with a little bait fishing, these guys prefer the safety of coral reefs. They are known to attack both bait and lures with a vengeance!
Taste Rating: Excellent



The Giant Trevally

This fellow is a nice challenge. It frequents coastal waters, taking a particular liking to reef areas. Given half a chance, it’ll break free of inferior tackle. This species is one to catch and release.
Taste Rating: Inferior


Coral-Trout-fishing-toursThe Coral Trout

Reef inhabitants, these tasty treats are best taken using bait, or by trolling.
Taste Rating: Excellent


Long-TailTuna-fishing-toursThe Long Tail Tuna

Found out at sea, this saltwater sports fish likes to travel in numbers. Trolling on lures or casting into the large schools is about the best way to catch them.
Taste Rating: Not Bad


Mudcrab-fishing-toursThe Northern Territory Mud Crab

This tough character can be found throughout the rivers and estuaries of the Top End. It’s claws are quite capable of removing a finger, so handle them with care. The easiest way to catch them is to drop a few crab pots and go fishing, they’ll turn up.
Taste Rating: Excellent