Any angler worth their salt knows that a Shady Camp fishing trip is something too important to leave to a bucket list – it’s something you need to do a few times.

G’day everyone, just got back from a fantastic trip with regular clients, Wingie, Horrie, and John.

We fished Shady Camp, and Marry River looks fantastic!

There’s plenty of water coming over from recent rains and lots of big Barras were caught and released. The biggest was 115cm!

After I picked up the Boys, as I call them “Usual Suspects”, from the Airport, we headed straight to Shady Camp.

A quick stop at the “Bottloo” and we stocked up for the four day trip.

After 2:30hrs drive from Darwin airport, we arrived at Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge with high expectations,

Barramundi everywhere

The Boys have been fishing with me since 2007.

They all know the drill and remember the Grog Orders and known Fishing Creeks by heart.

They had booked in advance and picked their favorite tides/moon phase.

As a result, we started early every day to meet the tides and landed beautiful salt water Barramundi every day.

I recommend that you discuss your preferred fishing methods with me when you enquire for bookings/confirmation, because, as we all know, different moon phase allows different fishing methods, such as if you like casting lures for big Barras or trolling for big Barras.

This allows me to pick the right tides for you so you can maximize your trip with my local knowledge and make it a memorable one.

Most of the big fish were caught on Reidy’s Big B52 Lures in Kryptonite Color.

Well done boys have a safe trip home.

Thanks to Reidy’s lures our local Business, Big B52 got smashed every day producing most of the Barras.

As you’ll see from some of these photos, the river is looking fantastic as usual, with plenty of water coming over from recent rains.

If there’s something this trip reminds us of, it’s that Shady Camp is one of the best fishing spots in the world and the sooner you get here, the sooner you’ll have stories to share while writing your bucket list.