Sorry Boys and Girls, who got a free offer to jump on board and fish today on an empty seat, Ummm maybe next time you can chuck a sickie….lol
G’day Everyone, Our recent Trip to Shady Camp today was a great start to the Run-Off and some awesome fish will be caught in the next 03 months.

The season has shaped up to be one of the best I can remember since 1997/98. Our client from Japan Mr: Takanori Hino had a time of his life hooking up meter barras with Reidy’s B52.

You simply cannot go past our local product Reidy’s awesome selection.

Mr: Takanori Hino experienced and enjoyed the best Lure fishing at Shady Camp using Reidy’s soft plastics and B52 & Big Ass B52. I wonder what the next name will be after big Ass ( Maybe Pear Shape) lol

( The one that gets away brings you back another day. Stay tuned for further updates, we still have dates available, so come and have a memorable fishing experience with us)