Recent trip to Shady camp was a blast, Our client and dear friends had a great time catching big barras at the mouth of the river, Jill ,Jen, Rod and Richard, were all new to big barramundi action,

Micky from Spring Tide Safaris says, as soon as we started fishing Richard hooked up to a big barra and we were unable to stop the big fish and he got spooled.

That was a eye opener to everyone what the big fish can do, So we setup the rods again and everyone had their game face on, 05 minutes later Rod hooked up to another big barra after few jumps the fish took off and the hooks pulled out, Jill was on again and this time managed to bring the big barra close to the boat but loosing the big fish on the last jump, Finally Jen hooked up to a barra of a lifetime and Yes she managed to get the fish in the boat,

Our Clients caught Threadfin salmon, Barras, and Cat fish and few blue salmon, All fish was released in good condition. stay tuned for further updates on 2013 Run-Off.