G’day Everyone, Our latest Run-off fishing safari March-2013 was a great success just like Million Dollar Fish event that took place last year. Tim, Bob & Linus our clients from Singapore had a memorable fishing experience at Arnhem Land (South Alligator River) and at shady camp for 05 days. Despite of lack of rain and fresh water on the river our clients managed good fishing session’s everyday.


Micky from Spring Tide Safari says we started our tour at Arnhem Land and on the first day landed 79cm,75cm,85cm,72cm barras with a lot of smaller fish. River was clean and few creeks were flowing with clean water. After few days of good fishing at south alligator river we moved to shady camp because the river got very busy due to fishing comp Arnhem Land klash, We arrived at shady camp, our fishing spot and lost a Horse of a barra within 05 minutes of casting, we managed to land few big barras up to 85cm,79cm,70cm on the day and clients had a great laugh catching salt water barras, Second day saw us at the same spot and luck would have it we managed to loose probably the same Horse of a Barra that would have been well over the meter mark, Then our luck changed and Linus hooked up to a big barra and landed himself in the meter club 102cm salt water barra.

All in all our clients had a great trip and few good memories of Darwin Barra fishing tours.