Recommended Duration: 4 days Recommended Season: Feb-May Sleep On Mothership: Yes or No
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As the Wet Season's monsoons recede, the big rivers of the Top End start to take shape again as water from the floodplains makes its way back to the sea. This is when anglers slip into frenzy mode because they know that the barramundi will be on, as they keep pace with the water and head back to more stable water sources.

Why is this good for fishing? Well, the barra are making their way upstream while the water from the wetlands is draining out to sea. As the water backs up with the incoming tide, and meets the flow of the freshwater from the wetland, this is the best time and place for catching the big barras. And most action occurs on top of the high tide and the turn of the tide.

But because small fish, crabs, and other critters that barra eat also have to move as well, the barra gather to ambush them.

In short, it's game on for everyone involved.

Whether you're using artificial hard-bodied lures or lead-head soft plastic lures (we've had great success with the outstanding “B52″ from Reidy’s Lures), the fishing is easy. Fly fishers also score well when they tie flies to a pattern matching baitfish.

And this is where Spring Tide Safaris comes into its own. There are plenty of waterways in the Northern Territory BUT they all rivers drain at different times through the run-off. This means fishers who have Micky as their skipper have an unfair advantage because he knows the Top End like the back of his hand and he'll work with you to set an itinerary that has the best chance of success.

Thousands of interstate anglers flock to the Top End during run off so the big tip is to book now, book early.

Run Off barra fishing from the Mothership

One of the advantages of tackling the run off from the mothership is that you get to sleep on board, right where the action is.

This means you can fish from sunrise to sunset without having to spend time travelling to and from your accommodation.

Our mothership vessels are all comfortable and it really becomes a great base of operations.

However, if you prefer accommodation on land, we have two options to consider.

Resort accommodation

If you choose resort accommodation, our Barramundi Fishing Darwin tours will depart from Darwin; Travel time is approx 1.5 hours in airconditioned 4WD. On the last day of your tour you will be transferred back to your accommodation in Darwin.

Tour includes resort transfers, resort meals and accommodation, morning tea, cold drinks/ refreshments, lunch, and fishing equipment. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a cold drink while you watch a tropical sunset and jump in the pool. Dinner is served at the resort with fresh catch of the day (Fish & Mud crabs) or Kimberley beef Steaks from restaurant Menu.

Remote camp accommodation

If you choose remote camp fishing, we'll take you to some remote spots that will leave you breathless. You'll get to enjoy some of the most remote fishing location in the territory, including access to aboriginal land with permission/permits from traditional land owners.

These safaris are best designed for keen anglers who experience best lure fishing on offer in the territory.  Tours are organized to your remote camp with a short 40minutes flight from Darwin Airport, or  by road 4wd access, which takes approx 6 hours.

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Resort/Camp accommodation or Mothership accommodation

Fishing equipment


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Yes. We need 4 people booked per trip to cover the costs of crew and fuel.
If you don't have four people, Micky can arrange for a small extra charge per person to still make your trip possible.
An alternative is that Micky will allow other customer(s) to join your trip.